We are technologists and creatives making fun stuff for ourselves and for you.

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Founder and Manager

MerriWorks is the brainchild of Emily Kim, founder and manager of Trilemetry, Inc., a tech and content firm. She formed MerriWorks to encourage product development based on a bit of whimsy and a lot of fun collaborations with a great network of creative and technical folks. 



Adam Ling

Adam is an accomplished designer, illustrator and programmer who has contributed to many popular games, web sites and mobile apps. Check him out on his personal web site.

Mark Feiden

Mark is a designer, writer, publisher and photographer interested in the plains and "plains folk." His particular focus is on the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas. You can follow him on Instagram and check out his Flint Hills Anthology.


Nga Ton

By trade, Nga was a respiratory therapist. Now she focuses her energy full time on art, writing, poetry and photography. You can follow her on Instagram.

Peter Tran

Peter is a photographer and videographer who moves smoothly between capturing personal moments, commercial environments and artistic compositions. See what he's up to on his web site.


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